Facebook Live?

Last week I wrote about how I’m trying to scale my business and how my ultimate goal is to add recurring value.

Last week I wrote about how I’m trying to scale my business and how my ultimate goal is to add recurring value. This week I’m talking about how I plan on using Facebook Live to do so. On Monday, February 6th at 12:30pm EST I’ll be lighting up Facebook Live for a Q&A with whoever wants to join. We’re going to try and host these sessions weekly, calling it “Make It Happen Mondays.” Facebook and live video in general is a new channel for me and I have no idea what to expect, but my hope is that I can answer more questions and add more value in 30 minutes than I’ve ever done before.

I’m writing about “Make It Happen Mondays” to help promote the sessions and with the hope that some of you will join me and will get value out of it.

I’m also writing to highlight the importance of evolving and trying new things. Technology used to develop more slowly. It would displace some jobs, but it also created new ones and so there was a somewhat new-neutral impact. That’s no longer the case. Technology is evolving so fast now that it’s displacing way more jobs than it is creating and it’s only going to get worse. If you’re not evolving, learning, and trying new approaches you’re going to wake up one day and the limitations of your future will be too obvious to ignore and too late to address.

For example, I’m a 41 year old man on SnapChat (johnmbarrows). I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing on it but, when I read that it was the #1 social media channel for people under the age of 25 I knew I had to figure it out. A huge demographic for me is sales reps between the ages of 22 and 28 years old. If my #1 demographic’s favorite social channel is SnapChat then I have to be on SnapChat. Now, with Facebook Live, I see another big opportunity to connect more directly with my audience and to add value, so I have to figure that out, too.

It’s the same with our customers and prospects. We need to be where they are and connect with them where they are. If someone has a weak LinkedIn profile with only 50 connections and rarely posts anything, then I’m not going to send them an in-mail. On the other hand, if they are very active on LinkedIn and have a robust profile, then I probably will. Same with Twitter and all the other new media channels.

Two of my favorite Guiding Principles are 1. to be 1% better every day and 2. to set SMART goals. If you combine those with trying something new all the time and if you split test everything you do, you can stay ahead of the game.

This mentality and approach makes what we do way more interesting and opens up a world of opportunities to excel. Don’t be average. Make it happen!

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