Sales Training

that gets to the point.

  • Remote
  • Onsite
  • Online

The Filling the Funnel program is designed to help reps and teams drive consistent high quality meetings with target Executives by leveraging structure, process and techniques. You’ll learn how to…

  • Find the right balance between quality and quantity prospecting activities
  • Leverage specific social tools to listen for triggers and make genuine connections
  • Build your own personal brand and add value on every touch
  • Create structured e-mails, calls and contact strategies that drive consistent results
  • Remote
  • onsite

The Driving to Close program is designed to improve the quality of interactions and execution throughout the sales process through structure and techniques. You’ll learn how to…

  • Prepare, execute and follow up from meetings to find and maintain urgency
  • Objectively measure the health of any opportunity in your pipeline to improve forecast accuracy and deal advancement
  • Create a common language that you, your team and your manager can use to discuss and analyze deals more effectively
  • Find the right way to handle each objection for your offering with your personal style
  • Know what closing technique to use for each scenario and when to use it

How to get it


Thousands of sales professionals at hypergrowth companies like Salesforce, LinkedIn and Box have gone through this online-learning resource focused on “Filling the Funnel.” It’s now available to anyone looking for new business and wanting to drive results.


The on-site training brings the content alive with real-world stories, exercises and application. Sales teams walk away with the tools they need to succeed and the confidence to make it happen.


The remote training is delivered through a series of interactive sessions with assignments focused on live application to ensure adoption and results. Each rep gets one on one coaching throughout the program.



“We just had massive results. It was by far the most successful training we rolled out at Box.”

Doug Landis | Box VP of Sales Productivity

“I saw people taking the results of what they learned into practice immediately. We’re ahead of our numbers on outbound and a big part of that is thanks to John. If you want to crush the number, hire John. It’s that simple.”

Rob Brewster | Twilio VP of Sales