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High-impact, interactive training with live application to ensure adoption and results.


What do we teach?

Filling the Funnel

Most problems are solved with a big fat pipeline, which is why companies love John’s Filling the Funnel training. This program is designed to help your team drive consistent high quality meetings with target executives by leveraging structure, process and techniques.

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Driving to Close

The Driving to Close program is designed to improve the quality of interactions and executions throughout the sales process. Your team will learn actionable techniques for maintaining urgency, handling objections, negotiating and closing out deals.

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How do we train?

  • Online

    John’s online sales training portal offers on-demand, real time access, which teams can leverage from anywhere.

  • On-site

    On-site training includes real-world stories, exercises and applications. Teams walk away with the tools and confidence they need to make it happen.

  • Remote

    Remote training is delivered through a series of face-to-face interactive sessions focused on live application to ensure adoption and results.

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“John’s online portal has been a game changer for Salesforce. It’s that on-demand, real time access that reps need when they’re selling from anywhere.”

Laura Holmes | Salesforce Manager, Global Sales Enablement

“By having the portal we are able to continually educate our reps and build on their skills sets. The portal scales with us as we grow and is key to our prospecting success.”

Megan Oleson | Salesforce Director, Enterprise Business Development