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By John Barrows

Setting Qualified Meetings Is The Hardest Job In Sales

July 19, 2017

greeting clients

The Sales Development Rep (or outbound rep) whose main goal is setting qualified meetings – has the hardest job in sales, in my opinion. Here are a few of the major problems they face and some ideas on how to deal with them.

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My Love/Hate Relationship With The Sales Cadence

July 12, 2017

Sales Cadence

The Sales Cadence seems to have taken over the world of Sales communication right now and it’s starting to worry me. To make sure we’re all on the same page, the Sales Cadence is a sequence of sales activities that you follow for certain leads. The cadence mostly focuses on e-mail and is usually automated by a “sales efficiency” tool like Salesloft, Outreach, Toutapp, Yesware, Sendbloom, etc.


The Top 8 Questions to Ask Prospects to Sell More Effectively

July 5, 2017

Rep Writing Questions

There are plenty of sales questions we need to ask throughout the buying/selling process to help uncover a need, create urgency and gain commitment. Here are the questions I ask and the reasons why:


Make It Happen

June 28, 2017

JBarrows Make It Happen

Today I want to share a little bit about why the tagline “Make It Happen” is so important to me and my business.

Here’s the backstory: I first came up with the tagline for myself as a personal motto. I was sick of waiting: waiting for the right time to start, for other people to step up, for the right situation, or to be mentally ready. I’m not the most patient person so I actually didn’t do a ton of waiting. But, I found I was coming up with way too many excuses that were slowing me down and I knew I had to stop. I couldn’t wait or rely on other people to help me achieve my goals. I decided to just start Making It Happen.


A Phrase You Never Want To Hear In Sales

June 21, 2017

Pepto Bismol

“I’ll need some time to digest what you just said.”

As a younger, less experienced rep, I used to think this phrase was awesome. I would go into a meeting, ask my basic doctor-check-up questions, let the client speak for a few minutes and then I’d jump into my rehearsed, relatively canned “pitch.” I’d start with the history of my company and move on to all the different services we could provide. At the end the client would lean back in their chair, take a deep breath and say “wow, that all sounds really impressive. Let me take some time to digest what you just said and get back to you with my thoughts.” I would walk out of those meetings feeling like I was Captain Sellalot and think to myself “man, that guy was so impressed with what I just told him he didn’t even know what to do.” And therein lies the problem. Since the client didn’t know what to do with the information they didn’t end up doing anything, at least with me.


How Salesforce Does Outbound Prospecting

June 14, 2017


Today I am presenting at Sales Machine 17 on why it’s mandatory to “evolve or die” in sales. Follow along with me on Instagram, Snap Chat and Twitter (@JohnMBarrows) and stay tuned for a video recap of the presentation coming in the next week or two.

I’ve been training the Salesforce sales team on outbound prospecting skills for over 5 years and have shared and learned a lot along the way. They are one of the more aggressive and fast moving sales organizations in the world, which forces me to evolve as I try to stay one step ahead and continue to add value. READ MORE