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By John Barrows | December 18, 2018

10, 60, 30. That was my answer when someone asked me a question during a training recently. The question was: how could my content help reps differentiate if I’ve trained so many reps at so many companies in the tech space who all sell to similar customers? My answer apparently struck a nerve, because there was a noticeable feeling of nervous energy when I was done explaining.

I said 10% of you in this room will take the content and tips I’m sharing with you and apply a large portion of them to drive results and excel. 60% of you in this room will do a few things different because some of the tips are easy to implement and they just make sense. 30% of you aren’t going to do a damn thing different after the training today. The question is not whether or not my training is over-saturating the market, the question is which bucket will you fall into?

This is based loosely off the “Vitality Curve,” or distribution of talent, which outlines that in most organizations 20% of the workforce are the most productive, 70% are adequate and 10% are non-producers. I changed the numbers a bit based on my experience with training, but it’s the same principle.

When I was done with my explanation there was a sense of shock in the room, which for some reason I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t saying it for shock value, I was saying it because it’s true. I’ve been a manager and worked with teams long enough to see it proven out too many times. It’s like the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle. I can share countless examples where I’ve seen this principle hold true.

It ended up being a motivational moment for the team because they all got pretty fired up after that with what I assumed was visions of being in the top 10%. Everyone has these visions – it’s the execution that matters. My challenge to each of you who are reading this blog and preparing for the new year is simple – go execute and Make It Happen in 2019!

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