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How We Bought Drift – A Look at the Modern Buying Process
How We Bought Drift
By John Barrows | January 17, 2018

AI in sales is a topic I’ve been following very closely over the past few months. One area that I’m particularly interested in is Chatbots. I’ve been saying for a couple years now that AI will replace the average sales reps who just go through the motions. Drift makes it very easy to be prospecting before any human is involved. If you’d like an example of this, check out the JBarrows Bot at the bottom of the page.

How we were prospected

We weren’t cold-called or emailed, we weren’t sent an inMail, we were contacted over Slack, our internal messaging tool. Our sales rep at Drift worked with a member of the JBarrows team previously and reached out via Slack in an alumni channel they’re both in. There have been all kinds of sensationalist headlines in the last few years about the cold call being dead and social selling being the way to go. While I disagree that cold calling is dead, it isn’t the only way to prospect anymore. You have to be where your customers are.

We were already down the pipeline

Being from Boston and following AI in sales, we were already quite familiar with what they had been doing. Drift does a great job of thought leadership when it comes to AI in sales. They also do a great job making it easy to find information on their website. From pricing to technical information and being pointed in the right direction by their own Driftbot, this meant we were already down the pipeline when we first had a demo with our sales rep.

It was easy to purchase

As a sales rep, there is nothing worse than a complicated act of actually purchasing once your prospect gives you a verbal commitment. Drift did this very well by sending a simple link to pay and giving you the option to choose an annual plan or a monthly plan. No long contracts or red lines to review.

Post Purchase

Once purchased it was extremely easy to get up and running while we had our call with our customer success manager. Customer success is starting to cross paths more with sales, and this is a good first step in being able to upsell down the road. If your customers aren’t successful there is no way they’ll buy more from you later and they may even churn.

There is no one solution, and not every channel will work but you have to be where your customers are.

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