Announcing The JBarrows Certified Platform Partner Program

In 2012, during one of John’s month-long globe-trotting sprints delivering the Filling The Funnel and Driving To Close training on-site, we realized we were at terminal velocity.

In 2012, during one of John’s month-long globe-trotting sprints delivering the Filling The Funnel and Driving To Close training on-site, we realized we were at terminal velocity. The number of customers and sales teams we could work within a given year was maxed.

What’s more, customers had started asking for additional ways to deliver and access our training. They were in need of onboarding materials for new hires and reinforcement for existing sales staff. This lead to our first production of the Filling The Funnel and Driving To Close online sales training.

Six years, four full-studio productions, two developed courses, and seven different learning platforms later, we have proven the value of the eLearning medium. eLearning has helped us reach our goal of providing Jbarrows Sales Training at scale to sales professionals around the world.

Building Sales Training Software: Right or Wrong

Early on, we were frustrated with learning platforms available to us: they were too clinical or academic and showed very little understanding of how modern sales professionals learn. So, right or wrong, we built our own.

  • Right: we got to design the experience
  • Wrong: we were now a software company (and we had no business building software)

Thankfully, we weren’t alone in our frustration or needs. Sales-focused learning platforms soon started to emerge and today almost 25% of our new portal customers have an existing eLearning platform in place.

These platforms are getting smarter and are introducing concepts we have been touting for some time including just in time learning, peer-to-peer and manager coaching, the ability to tie training to performance, and prescriptive assignments based on skill gaps.

As a growing number of our customers were coming to us with their own eLearning tools, we quickly needed a trusted solution that delivered JBarrows Sales Training content to our standards on our customers own platforms.

B.Y.O.P.: Bring Your Own Platform to JBarrows

We jokingly call the ability to offer of JBarrows Sales Training content on to our customers’ eLearning solutions B.Y.O.P.: Bring Your Own Platform. In more serious terms, this means that today, JBarrows customers can integrate our expert and high-quality content within their existing platform or platforms.

Our goal is to make the JBarrows Sales Training as portable as possible. We also want our customers to have flexibility and a choice of where and how our content is delivered.

To that end, we work hand-in-hand with each platform’s team to determine the best setup for our courses and to leverage their specific features. By managing these integrations in-house, you can be sure that the JBarrows Sales Training content is delivered to our high standards on your preferred platform.

Announcing The JBarrows Certified Platform Partner Program

After working with a number of eLearning platforms on behalf of our clients, we decided to develop a certification process. This process confirms that the platform can properly accommodate the Filling The Funnel and Driving To Close course content and can viably administer core training, exercises, resources, and manager guidance.

Certified platforms become members of the new, JBarrows Certified Platform Partner Program.

With this partner program — and after years of software development, trial and error, and training 50,000 sales professionals — we believe we’re better able to offer JBarrows Sales Training at scale and in-house to the world’s leading companies.

Our Certified Platform Partners

Our customers should trust that the JBarrows Sales Training courses and content will be delivered to our high standards when using these JBarrows Certified Platform Partners:

certified partner logos

LevelJump, Showpad, Allego, Workramp, Docebo, Litmos

What does this mean for you?

It means that sales is getting better. It means that we’re working smart and hard every day to bring our content and training to sales professionals like you. We are passionate about elevating your career and the conversation around sales, both for individuals and companies alike.

Why? Because sales done right is the best profession in the world.

Are you interested in becoming a JBarrows Certified Platform Partner?

We’d love to hear from you and to learn more about your platform and offerings. To be considered for the certification process please contact

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