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I joined my first start-up, Thrive Networks, at twenty-four years old with some friends.

I joined my first start-up, Thrive Networks, at twenty-four years old with some friends. My job was to run sales. I was young and inexperienced so I took every sales training I could: Sandler, Miller Heiman, TAS, SPIN, etc. Eventually I came across a company called Basho. I was excited about their training because it was very tactical and execution oriented. It wasn’t about a big long process to follow or about a theory that I had to apply to my daily life. I used the training to help grow Thrive to the point where it was acquired by Staples. After that, I joined Basho as a Senior Trainer and from there I went off on my own.

I now train some of the world’s fastest growing companies on the techniques I learned at Basho. My clients realize incredible results through my training and the reps always walk away with at least a few things they can do immediately to drive results.

A challenge I noticed early on was that reps didn’t have a process to implement the training in any consistent way. So I evolved my training to focus more on how to develop the best structure and process, specifically around prospecting.

My story until today was about people and process.

If you’ve read my blog before you know one of my focal points is A/B split testing. This allows you to figure out what works and to improve faster. The structure of A/B split testing helps drives results after the initial training. While this has proven valuable, there was still something missing after my job was done: direct and ongoing reinforcement. Without reinforcement from frontline managers, any A/B split test training struggles to make a long-term impact.

So I’m upping my technology game.

I’ve partnered with LearnCore who has worked to solve the reinforcement problem with their learning platform. LearnCore’s platform is the next level of Learning Management System (LMS) that truly engages learners, asks them to apply what they learn, and then gives direct feedback from managers. It’s simple and engaging and compared to all the other platforms I’ve reviewed it really makes the online learning come to life.

I’m happy to announce that my online portal content is now available on LearnCore’s platform to benefit all of our customers with the best people, processes, and technology.

Online learning by itself isn’t the answer, just like onsite learning by itself isn’t the answer. In order to make a real impact on the adoption of training and overall results you need training that delivers clear, easy to follow processes coupled with reinforcement. I’m excited about the partnership with LearnCore to make this happen.

P.S. Another way I’m trying to drive direct and ongoing feedback is with my “Make it Happen Mondays” on Facebook Live every Monday at 12:30 EST. Join me every week and ask me whatever you want.

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