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The #1 thing you need to be successful in Sales
By John Barrows | October 6, 2014

There are a lot of things you need to be successful in Sales: strong worth ethic, solid product knowledge, good communication, coordination and people skills, creativity, etc. However, I think there is one that is the most critical by far – a genuine belief in what you do/sell.

Sales is the hardest job there is. When you don’t believe in what you do, it is 10x harder. Also, if you don’t believe in what you do and therefor are just in this career to make money then please get out and find something else to do since you are the ones who give this profession a bad name. If you think GlennGary Glen Ross, Boiler Room and Wolf of Wall Street are great Sales movies then you just don’t get it.

Sales is the greatest profession in the world when done right but the worst when done wrong. In order to do it right you have to believe in what you do. Someone once told me that Sales is the “transfer of enthusiasm.” I really wish I remember who told me that because I couldn’t agree more and want to give them credit.

If you currently don’t believe in what you’re selling then take some time to figure out how to or go look for another company/product that you can believe in. Go out to lunch with the founders and ask them why they started the company. Meet with clients and ask them why they originally did business with your company and why they stay. You have to figure it out because if you don’t you’ll never be successful. Good luck and happy selling (the right way).

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